Packing Tips



o        Make use of good quality tapes to secure the boxes. Also ensure that the tape is adhered to the box properly.


o        Make use of strapping if required as it is a very good way to secure the box.

          Fragile Items:

o        For items such as bottles, glass cups, etc, choose a package box with suitable internal cardboard partitioning. This helps to prevent damage to the glass items as all the stress would be absorbed by the internal partitioning material when other items are placed over it. Proper internal cushioning is also advised.


o        Always ensure that liquids, oils and other greasy substances are stored in leak proof containers, and a suitable box with proper internal partitioning is used. Also keep enough absorbent inside the box to absorb the liquids if there is any leakage. This is very important as the surrounding items might get damaged.

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