Packing Tips


AKR fully ensures the safety of your consignments. However, a proper packing is very essential to ensure that the consignment reaches the destination, after passing through various transhipment points, in safe condition.

Imagine standing in a moving bus without holding anything. The boxes inside the container vehicle too would undergo more or less the same scenario, especially when the vehicle is half full or less. So here are some useful packing tips to help you pack your consignment before you could book it to us.

         Cardboard Box:

o         Always use a fresh box of appropriate size and thickness based on the contents inside the box. Under filled box is likely to collapse, and over filled box may tear apart.

o         Never use a dented or a partially damaged box as this is almost as good as nothing. A box once damaged, loses its strength considerably.


o         Use a lot of cushioning materials inside and outside the box like bubble wrap, thermocole, etc. to prevent damage to the goods. Usually these cushioning materials also ensure that the goods are held firmly inside the box.

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